Engage Patients to Improve the Patient Experience

by Megan Fisher, Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Engage Patients to Improve the Patient Experience

Hospital executives face tough decisions amidst financial pressures and budget constraints. When determining what makes the cut, many proposals aim to solve real problems and enhance the overall patient experience, fostering loyalty and improving feedback scores. But, clinical applications often take precedence over those patient-facing solutions due to their critical role in care provision. 

It's crucial to consider initiatives that directly impact patients and streamline staff workflows if we want to implement solutions designed specifically to ease the patient experience.

Clinical applications require continual upgrades and updates, yet they primarily operate backstage, away from direct patient interaction - patients may not (probably don’t) even know that they exist. Progressive organizations who value the patient experience, and put resources towards its improvement, are prioritizing projects explicitly designed to engage patients and alleviate staff burdens. That focus sets us on the path to finding solutions designed to meet patients' needs during times of stress and anxiety.

Managing a hospital community is inherently complex and demanding for patients, visitors, and staff. In the quest to ease that experience, the choice of technology or solutions is significant, but equally vital is how seamlessly these tools integrate into the community to address its unique challenges. Partnering with the right vendor can make a substantial difference in addressing real-time challenges, offering a fresh perspective on problem-solving.

Smaller vendors with agile teams possess the flexibility and dedication needed to understand clients' needs and creatively solve problems tailored to the hospital community. Selecting an effective tool, from the right vendor, is only part of the equation; ensuring its seamless integration into the hospital community is equally essential. At Eyedog.US, we prioritize meeting our clients' needs by delivering wayfinding technology that meaningfully impacts the patients who rely on it.