Technology in the Healthcare Space: “Health systems to test gen AI 'healthcare provider'”

by Megan Fisher, Monday, July 8, 2024

At Eyedog.US, we stay on the lookout for the new and innovative ways healthsystems use technology to ease the patient experience. Too often, IT projects in the healthcare space pull more energy and attention away from patients and visitors, during an already stressful time; instead, IT initiatives should work to preserve energy and attention for patients and visitors, so that they can focus on the purpose of their visit. 

In her February 2024 article, ““Health systems to test gen AI 'healthcare provider,'” Naomi Diaz looks at how health systems plan to utilize AI in the healthcare setting, hopefully promoting efficiency and improving the patient experience. 

Diaz quotes executive vice president and chief strategy and innovations officer at Memorial Hermann, Feby Abraham, PhD, "We are always looking for new ways to further engage our employees and make them feel better supported. The unique challenges of recent years have only heightened the need for innovation in this area." This is the exact reason we believe Eyedog.US to be so powerful in improving the patient experience, and we love to see other technology implemented with the same goal in mind: As challenges grow, and patient experience suffers, so too do we see the opportunity for technology to assist in meaningfully engaging the community to create powerful change. 

Read more from Diaz’s article here! And, if you’re interested in learning more about how Eyedog.US can support your community, get in touch!