If you don’t know us yet - We’re Eyedog.US!

by Laura Roberto, Monday, January 29, 2024

Better digital wayfinding for healthcare

Some of you have been here for a while, and we love to see you following along with us! But, if you’re new to our site, welcome! And, we’d love to introduce ourselves.

We’re Eyedog.US! As a small, nimble company serving healthcare systems in the US and Canada, we pride ourselves on our commitment to serving our clients and their patients, with our focus on improving the patient experience. 

Eyedog.US offers intuitive indoor navigation, right from the smartphone in the palm of your hand. Using landmark photos to provide clear pedestrian directions, our scientifically proven technology, paired with expert implementation and adoption services, promise effective wayfinding, uniquely designed to benefit the healthcare industry.

We know that visits to a hospital can be tough, and navigation challenges can make an emotionally charged moment even more difficult. Eyedog.US Digital Wayfinding ensures that your patients and their families can focus on the purpose of their clinical visit, rather than the logistics of getting there. 

We’re glad you’re joining us on our journey to better, more effective wayfinding. Follow along with us, and take the next step today!