“But We’ve Always Done it That Way” Doesn’t Work Anymore!

by Megan Fisher, Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Digital Wayfinding

In her November 2023 article, “But We’ve Always Done It That Way,” published by Gibson Consulting, Kathy McGrath raises great points about why it’s so important that the healthcare industry keeps pace with the rapid digital transformation happening across markets. 

In her article, McGrath writes:

Unfortunately, many organizations treat innovation as a special project or temporary initiative that leaders execute only when necessary. A commonly quoted change metric is that 70% of change initiatives fail.  Although that metric has been disputed, it is widely accepted that change initiatives are frequently not successful in the long-term.  According to John P Kotter, “…change sticks when it becomes ‘the way we do things around here.  (Kotter, 1995)

We see it constantly: tech initiatives are used as a bandaid on a broken leg. Big, structural problems that impact the entire healthcare community can’t be solved by a set-it-and-forget-it high tech approach. Instead, tech initiatives should dig in, to address the root of a systemic problem, so that it can create real, lasting, actual change. 

Kathy McGrath hit the nail on the head when she stated, “In today’s environment we must stop thinking of change management as a temporary project implemented in response to a crisis or significant opportunity.” It’s time to build and implement solutions that are designed to make lasting change to better the lives and experiences of our patients; solutions like Eyedog - designed with healthcare in mind to improve the patient journey - promise to improve the delivery of care to the whole community.

To read the Kathy McGrath’s full article, visit Gibson Consulting.