Improving Indoor Navigation: These UI Features Make the Difference.

by Megan Fisher, Monday, November 13, 2023

UI Features That Improve Indoor Navigation

Eyedog cares about the user experience; that’s why we are constantly refining our UI to be efficient, intuitive, and clear. These effortless features play a key role in an optimized UI. Check it out:

UI Features That Improve Indoor Navigation

  • Floor Numbers on Photos

With floor numbers on each photo, users will never wonder if they’re on the correct floor. We’ve all been there, thinking, “Every floor in this hospital looks similar! Is this the right one?!” Eyedog gets ahead of that trouble by listing floor numbers on each photo!

Floor Numbers on Photos

  • Building Zone Indicators

Many hospitals use zones to represent different areas of the building(s). Eyedog displays that zone on each photo of your pathway, as another helpful indicator to make walking directions as clear as possible. Again, when different areas of the building look the same, zone indicators are a huge help, putting the user’s mind at ease.

Building Zone Indicators

  • Time Estimates & Progress Bar

With a time estimate and progress bar associated with each route, users have a good sense of the walking distance and about how long it will take to reach the destination. Users will know what to expect, which helps to ease anxiety about navigation.

Time Estimates & Progress Bar

  • Where Do You Want to Go Next?

At the end of each route, Eyedog offers common “next-stop” choices, for quick access to walking directions. For example, many patients might typically go from one location directly to have blood work; Eyedog knows and anticipates those common paths, and offers them for users’ ease.

Where Do You Want to Go Next?

  • Route End Button

A route end button allows users to stop their route and return to a screen wherein they can select another destination. This way, when users are finished with their route, they can quickly access the start page for their next destination!

More Features that Enhance Indoor Navigation & Improve the User Experience

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