Winter Is Coming, and Accidents are Coming With It. Get Prepared for the Busy Season

by Julia Sweeney, Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Winter Is Coming, and Accidents are Coming With It. Get Prepared for the Busy Season

Let’s face facts: in a hospital, all year is busy. 

But, as we roll into the winter months, wherein snow and ice interrupt our commutes, stress and pressure of the holiday season creeps in, and we find our sense of adventure for winter sports, the possibility of accidents increases. While we know that healthcare systems can’t do much to stop the accidents from happening, we do know that effective digital wayfinding, like Eyedog.US, can help ease the stress and anxiety of unexpected hospital visits for your patients this winter.

Eyedog’s intuitive indoor wayfinding is designed to work efficiently, without requiring a lot of attention from the user. That’s why it works so well in the healthcare setting: in a stressful environment, Eyedog remains straightforward, easy to access, and intuitive to use. Eyedog takes the uncertainty of navigating a new or confusing facility out of the equation. 

And, Eyedog.US isn’t just for patients and visitors; our Photo Landmark Navigation can reduce stress for staff, too. By providing easy-to-access, self-service digital wayfinding options to patients and visitors, staff are freer to focus on the key components of their work, without pausing to help patients or visitors find their way. The intuitive technology supports the entire community in reducing stress during a challenging time of year.

Winter is almost here. Thwart the anticipated stresses of the winter season in your hospital, with digital wayfinding that improves patient experience. Take the first step with Eyedog.