Accidents and Mishaps Happen - Learn How Wayfinding can Support New Patients and Visitors this Summer

by Laura Roberto, Thursday, June 23, 2022

How wayfinding can support new patient and visitors this summer

We’ve all been there: at some point while on summer vacation you or someone you are traveling with has needed medical attention. What can already be a stressful endeavor becomes even more so in a new location, visiting an unfamiliar health campus. As we enter the busy summer season with an increase in ER visits, why not have a plan for those first timers to your hospital campus?

A wayfinding system that simply begins from pointing your camera at a QR Code solves many challenges. Clinical staff can focus on the patient rather than help the parent or guardian figure out what to do while they wait. A brochure with suggestions and a QR Code to get started can help alleviate the stress a parent or guardian may be feeling. Suggestions to navigate to the cafe, the gift shop, the lobby, a quiet spot to read, are all very helpful to someone who is worried.  

Where conditions in hospitals can be stressful and overwhelming, especially given an increased volume of visitors during the summer, Eyedog works to quell that anxiety for patients through its unique navigation technology. Eyedog uses landmark photos to provide clear indoor pedestrian directions. Our scientifically proven technology, paired with expert implementation and adoption services, promise better, faster, and more affordable wayfinding tailored to your health system’s unique needs. 

Summer time is the peak season for accidents and mishaps of all kinds. Make it easy for those who are visiting for the first time. Eyedog wayfinding is a kind gesture that will be remembered even after vacation is over.