The User Experience

Indoor pedestrian wayfinding presents different challenges than driving navigation. Photo landmarks are simply more effective and more intuitive for helping us find our way indoors or around campuses.

Scientifically Proven

Photo landmark navigation employs scientific wayfinding best practices and simple universal icons to make it intuitive for any demographic or language group.

Photos not Maps

Navigate by swiping from photo to photo. Combining what you see in the environment with simple schematic direction and easy-to-follow text-based instruction is more intuitive than abstracting your location and direction from the plan view of a map.


Visualization not Interpretation

People naturally use landmarks to generate mental maps of their surroundings and remember the navigational instruction set that ties them together.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Not only are hospitals notoriously difficult facilities to navigate, but we often visit the hospital under stressful conditions overwhelmed with negative emotions. Wayfinding is complicated in these circumstances and a very simple and reliable user experience is required.