Key Features

Unparalleled wayfinding performance, scalability, and reliability.

Affordable and Scalable

No beacons, hardware or network infrastructure upgrades are required. No need for constant internet connectivity.

Go-live in Weeks not Months

Eyedog Wayfinding-as-a-Service offers a streamlined implementation process. You give us your blueprints and we handle the rest.

Omni-channel Availability

Multiple deployment options including native iOS/Android and responsive web allow you to offer wayfinding broadly to all patients and visitors and personalized in the context of the patient journey such as embedded in appointment reminders.

Easy to Maintain and Extend

Eyedog's intelligent architecture makes updating pathways simple and immediate. Shutting down hallways or elevators, relocating points-of-interest, or accommodating building expansion is all part of our WaaS offering and can be carried out as quickly as your facility changes.

Eyedog. Wayfinding the Right Way.

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